Boiler Plus

What is Boiler Plus? 

The new “Boiler Plus” legislation is coming into force on 6th April 2018 to increase the efficiency of heating systems in UK homes for you and the environment. 

How will Boiler Plus affect me and my home?

If you are thinking about a new heating system for your home, you need to comply with Boiler Plus. You don’t need to worry about Boiler Plus for existing heating systems.

How can Vaillant help you to comply?

If you would like to have a new heating system installed, you can simply choose one of our controls from the large Vaillant range of solutions to easily comply with Boiler Plus. Download the following infographic for a breakdown on how you can comply with Boiler Plus.

Boiler Plus FAQs

Q. Do I need to upgrade my existing heating system after the 6th April 2018?

A. No you do not need to do anything if you are happy with your current heating system. You will have to comply if you are having a new system installed though.

Q. How will a control help me to increase the efficiency of my heating system?

A. A control can help you to only use energy when you need it to. You can program your specific timings so that the boiler knows when to work.

Q. What if I don’t want a control?

A. Our range of controls are easy and straightforward to use. However if you don’t wish to install a smart control, there are other ways to comply with Boiler Plus.

Q. What is load compensation?

A. Load compensation is when the boiler modulates the temperature by using the actual room temperature, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Q. What is weather compensation?

A. This is similar to load compensation, however the modulation of the boiler is informed by the temperature outside of the property.

Q. What is Flue Gas Heat Recovery?

A. This is when flue gases (which are normally released and lost) are captured by a Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device and reused to provide heating within the boiler. The ecoTEC exclusive with Green iQ has this built in and is our first product which meets Boiler Plus out of the box.

Q. Can I use non Vaillant controls with Vaillant products?

A. Whilst some non-Vaillant controls do work with Vaillant products, Vaillant controls have been specifically designed to work with Vaillant boilers. This ensures maximum efficiency and the most intelligent communication between boiler and control.

Q. Where can I find an installer that is aware of Boiler Plus?

A. Vaillant Advance installers have been provided with an in-depth overview of Boiler Plus and you can find your local installer